Remodeling Photos

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Run down horse barn painted and repaired With a good foundation and a little "vision" a barn like this can look beautiful.

After using Woodstar Dutch Doors and doing some minor repairs, this barn looks like a brand new building!
Old run down horse stalls replaced with new updated Woodstar stalls Old barn before remodeling with Woodstar stalls/

Amazing difference after Woodstar installation.
Incomplete stalls finished with new horse stall fronts These arena side stalls just need a little "touch-up"/

After "touch-up" with new stalls fronts, these arena side stalls look great.
Indoor riding arena with no stalls upgraded with new horse stalls Inside of a metal barn before any stalls/

Metal barn after installing Woodstar stall components/
Metal gate stalls replaced with beautiful wood horse stalls Plywood and panels for stalls works ok.

Beautiful new stalls. Better looking and much safer too.