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Viebrock Construction Over 50 years Designing & Building

  • Custom Construction "Made to Order"
  • Over 50 years experience
  • Building in Wisconsin and Minnesota
  • Family Owned
  • Experienced Quality Craftsmen
  • Best Warranty Around
Viebrock Construction has over 50 years of design and building experience. We have built over 1,500 homes plus many other projects. We have accumulated a lot of knowledge during this time. To our customer this means a better investment comprised of long term quality, expert craftsmanship, cost savings and peace of mind.

Their are many forms of Custom Builders. Let us take the time to inform you what it takes to be a quality Custom Builder...A builder that can fulfill the promises made to you and give you a better product. Custom is: "made to order". Our office staff will take the time to talk with you, answer your questions and show you how and what we do for you. The first thing we will do is have our design staff make an inspection of your building site. We believe the integration of design and landscape is one of the first goals in a quality custom project. We have the staff that can accomplish this. You will be assigned a design professional who will communicate with you from design all the way through service work. We believe this approach is essential for a superb project. If you already have your own design, that is great. We will give you input and ideas where and when you need and want them.

If you are an individual doing your own project, give us a call. You get more than just framing from our well rounded staff of educated professionals. You get structural integrity inspections, time tested building techniques used in all of our projects and code compliant projects as our staff is highly trained in the hundreds of codes required for projects to meet compliance standards. Our building techniques and knowledge will help to ensure your investment will perform well for years to come. Call us for a free estimate!

REMEMBER: Because of our experience and quality craftsmen, we offer an extended limited warranty. It is the best warranty around!

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Meet the Staff

Marvin Viebrock started the company in 1957. His farm background brought an honest approach. This was the number one priority. His business savvy formed quality as the number two priority. His intuition and foresight led the company to quickly become the largest builder in the St. Croix River Valley.

Jerry Viebrock grew up in the business beginning with job site cleanup. Through the years he learned all aspects of building design and construction. A brief sabbatical from the business was taken to obtain a chemistry degree and begin a masters in bio-chemistry. The love of building drew his full attention back to the business in 1973 and he took over operation of the company in 1980.

Currently operations of the company are managed by Thomas (Tom) A. Leiskau. Tom has been an employee since March 2002 and has performed all business operations as well as management aspects of the company. Jerry felt Tom's education, experience, and personality would be a valuable asset to Viebrock Construction. His love of construction, working with people, and integrity provide an excellent collaboration with the company.


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✔ Custom Homes/Cabins
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✔ In-House Project Design
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