Green Facts

Woodstar Products Green Facts

Woodstar Products, proud member of the Aldo Leopold Foundation, has been practicing the philosophy of "waste not, want not" since our inception in 1977. This credo is the essence of today's green movement. Woodstar Products is committed to continue the practice of using self-renewable building materials and re-using and recycling all of our off-fall and waste materials.

You'll hear a lot of claims these days about various "environmentally-friendly" building materials. But make no mistake ~ throughout the complete life cycle, from planting and harvesting to product manufacturing and then final disposal or recycling, nothing is more green than wood.
  • No other material can match wood's unique combination of benefits, including strength, affordability, ease of use and environmental superiority.
  • As the world's only renewable building material, wood can not only be recycled, but regenerated as well. What's more, trees provide benefits to the environment while they grow, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.
  • Wood contributes fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its non-renewable counterparts: steel and aluminum. While wood accounts for 46% of all industrial raw materials worldwide, it uses a mere 4% of the energy required to produce raw materials into useful products.

Building with wood has the smallest impact on the environment before, during and after construction, according to recent findings by the Canadian Wood council. Products constructed of wood reduce energy use, use fewer natural resources and decrease environmental impacts overall.

As the only self-renewable building material, wood does not need outside chemicals to regenerate and uses very little fossil fuels and natural resources to assemble it into a suitable building product," said Bert Jones, Southern Pine Council spokesperson. "Sustainable forest management practices ensure that the supply of wood is not only being replaced, but increased each time it is used."