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Horse Stalls - Fold Down Door Grill


Great product! HIGHLY recommended with two modifications listed below. I purchased 3 Woodstar stall doors with the fold down door grill in Jan. 2009. I lower them every night when the horse go in, and close them every morning before I open doors to put the horses out. All 3 grills still work great; the hinges are wide piano hinge that still move smoothly and are very durable holding up great to a horse using the opening to rub its head.

Make sure you close the grills before opening the doors if your horse is inside. My horses will suddenly poke their heads out of the opening when I am moving the door. Closing the grill first prevents injuries.

I have 3 horses: a 17-year-old gelding, a 16-yr-old gelding, and a 10 month old filly. All 3 love the windows -- their heads are hanging out most of the time. I've never had an injury on the grill. The opening has plenty of width so they do not scrape their heads if they suddenly pull in their head. The bars on the sides protect the wood of the door from a horse's abuse.

Modification 1: The upper latches have small holes that you can put a clip through to prevent the them from opening. I STRONGLY recommend putting a clip through one hole to prevent the grill from opening. When I shut a door too hard, it bounced open on me and hit me in the head. Just 1 clip solved that problem.

Modification 2: I used the door latches that came with the sliding door hardware. To stop my Houdini horse from opening his latch when the grill is open (which can be easy with the spring action), I nailed a U-staple just below that latch -- positioning the staple so the loop of the latch slides just over the U-staple -- the U-staple sticks out about 1/2". I then put a clip through the U-staple (same one I use to hold the window open). The clip prevents the latch from lifting up. I have had no escapes.

Success story due to the grills:
We bought the 16-yr-old gelding (a big QH) 18 months ago. After I had already been putting him in at night for almost 2 weeks, the former owner asked if he had destroyed the stall yet, because he went ballistic when she put him in her stalls for more than an hour. The only thing I noticed was he stood at his door until I lowered the fold down grill, stuck his head out once to look around, and then ate his grain. Her stalls are 9' x 9', no windows, a solid ceiling about 8' high, a solid door, and a small front grill -- very dark and closed in. Our stalls are 12'x11.5' (interior dimension), no ceiling (open to the rafters), 1 grilled window, and the fold down doors -- very bright and open. To this day, that gelding puts the *least* amount of wear and tear on his stall. He is either looking out of his window, or has his head hanging out of the door grill. When it is inclement, he is the first one wanting to head inside.

This is a great product!
Date Added: 03/24/2011 by Esther