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Smooth Arch Top Horse Stall Door


I am building my first barn and I am one of those EXTREMELY picky people, not easily pleased, that looks into every tiny detail. I wanted something really nice that didn't break the bank, was functional, and looked beautiful. Well, I found it! I am so very very pleased by these stall doors, that I ordered a custom door to match for my tack room. The craftmanship is outstanding, they are well made heavy doors. I got mine with the black powder coating and they are gorgeous and strong! Believe me when I say, I looked ALL over the place for good quality horse stalls...internet, locally,...EVERYWHERE and I believe these are the BEST YOUR MONEY CAN BUY. You wouldnt believe the junk I looked at that was twice the money and had nowhere near the strenght and thickness of these doors! Even the delivery guy was impressed by them! Solid construction that will last the lifetime of my barn, no doubt! I am really into the details of anything I buy so compliments are not always easily given by me but you guys have earned it. Oh, I almost forgot, the customer service is outstanding as well. I told them what I wanted and they put the entire package together, including all the hardware for all 5 stalls so I didn't have to guess what I needed or if I ordered the right amount or type. All I needed was shipped together for easy installation!! They were always there to answer any questions, provide tips, and suggestions. If we had a concern they promplty and HONESTLY answered it. I can see why you were recommended in the horse barn books we bought! Thanks so much for helping me make my dream barn a reality WITHOUT making me BROKE!! I have gotten so many compliments that I know I made the right decison! I am writing this to hopefully spare other people the time and energy in researching all the choices out there! It took me 3 months to decide on which stalls to get, hope this testimonial will help you feel good about buying from these folks. It was the smoothest transaction I had while building my barn! What a relief! THANK YOU!
~Lori Wilson
Date Added: 08/01/2010 by LORI